You need to obtain an Alberta wedding licence one which just get hitched in Alberta

You need to obtain an Alberta wedding licence one which just get hitched in Alberta

A married relationship licence shows the individual doing your marriage (the wedding officiant) which you have actually met most of the appropriate demands to be hitched in Alberta.

Alberta wedding licences can be obtained from the registry agent workplace.

A registry representative problems a 2-part document. The part that is top a Registration of Marriage and also the bottom level could be the wedding licence.

The complete document (enrollment of Marriage/Marriage Licence) must certanly be provided to the marriage officiant which will be doing your wedding. That is a appropriate document and needs to be held in good shape and never folded since it is completely archived.

Conditions for a wedding

Banns (postings or notices in a church) aren’t appropriate rather than a wedding licence.

There aren’t any residency or citizenship demands.

There is absolutely no right time frame that have to pass between your date a couple comes in Alberta and also the date a wedding licence is granted.

Bloodstream tests are not essential.

A married relationship licence is legitimate for a few months through the date its granted.

A marriage might take put the day that is same marriage licence is released. There isn’t any time that is waiting.

An Alberta wedding licence is legitimate for the Alberta marriage. The marriage has to take destination in Alberta.

You cannot apply for an Alberta marriage licence if you are currently married.


Whenever obtaining the wedding licence, you have to:

  • Use together in the registry agent workplace
    • Some exceptions may use, seek advice from a registry representative for details
  • Swear/affirm several affidavits
    • Its an offense to swear/affirm a false affidavit
  • Offer your information that is personal, and the entire names and delivery places of one’s moms and dads (including a parent’s maiden name)

When getting a married relationship licence, you can’t:

  • Be intoxicated by a medication or liquor
  • Be pertaining to one another as being a grandparent, moms and dad, kid, sibling or grandchild, by entire bloodstream, half blood or use
  • Either individual getting hitched is hearing, message or aesthetically weakened
  • Either individual getting hitched can be an adult that is assisted a court ordered co-decision manufacturer or represented adult with a guardianship purchase

You both should be 18 years old or older.

If you should be more youthful than 18 yrs. Old, it is possible to submit an application for a wedding licence if all of your moms and dads and appropriate guardians permission towards the marriage licence being issued, unless other conditions use. Seek advice from a registry representative for complete details.

If you’re more youthful than 16 years old, you simply can’t marry in Alberta.

Acceptable ID

That person may provide their birth certificate or immigration document – the other person must have appropriate ID if one of many few usually do not have appropriate ID

Marital Reputation

You simply cannot be currently hitched (either to one another or another person).

Your legal marital status must be one of several after:

  • Divorced
    • Evidence of breakup is necessary; the breakup document supplied ought to be the final document (for instance, Certificate of Divorce, Decree Absolute).
    • A divorce proceedings document that claims a wedding is dissolved in X length of time just isn’t appropriate as it is impossible to learn in the event that documents that are final filed or even the divorce or separation had been contested through that time.
    • Divorce or separation documents that aren’t in English should be translated; seek the advice of a registry representative for interpretation needs.
  • Widowed
    • A death certification associated with dead partner is not necessary.
  • Never ever been hitched
    • No status that is marital are essential.

Annulled wedding (through the court)

Whenever an annulment happens to be given through a court, the individual’s marital status reverts back again to just just what it had been before that annulled marriage took destination. The earlier status that is marital need to be proven. As an example:

  • If the status that is marital the annulment is divorced, proof divorce proceedings should be supplied as well as a duplicate associated with the court ordered annulment
  • If the past status that is marital never ever been hitched, just the court ordered annulment document will become necessary

Whenever a wedding ended up being annulled, a duplicate associated with court ordered annulment needs to be provided. Spiritual and tribunal annulments are maybe maybe maybe not accepted, just court ordered annulments.

Annulment documents that aren’t in English needs to be translated. Talk to a registry representative for interpretation needs.


Whenever getting a married relationship licence, both for the people that will be engaged and getting married should be proficient in English (since appropriate papers are now being signed), otherwise an interpreter becomes necessary. Whenever an interpreter is required, it really is your duty to produce one.

The interpreter should be:

  • 18 years old or older
  • Proficient both in English while the language translation that is requiring

Once the registry representative worker issuing the wedding licence is fluent into the other language, then that registry representative worker may function as interpreter and issue the wedding licence.

The couple trying to get a wedding licence cannot interpret/translate for every single other.

There clearly was a $40 government charge for the wedding licence.

Registry agents will charge an ongoing solution cost. Provider charges differ among registry agents.

How exactly to apply

Step one. Make certain you qualify to try to get a married relationship licence

The wedding must certanly be happening in Alberta over the following three months.

Before you apply, be certain to along with your spouse that is intended are.

Action 2. Gather your articles

Simply take your ID that is acceptable with to obtain the wedding licence.

Other documents may be required, such as for example breakup papers. Contact a registry representative, they can confirm exactly just just what papers you will require.

Step 3. Visit a registry representative workplace

Head to a registry representative along with your intended spouse, appropriate ID and papers, and use for a wedding licence.

Once you use

A married relationship licence is granted when you wait.

Should you not have all of the given information and papers required, the procedure is going to be delayed.

Bring your marriage licence towards the ceremony and present it to your wedding officiant.

Review the Registration of Marriage/Marriage Licence document really closely for mistakes whenever you receive it and just before leave the registry agent workplace. Also have mistakes corrected instantly.

Ahead of the ceremony occurs, mistakes may be corrected by way of a registry representative.

Following the ceremony occurs, errors needs to be corrected by the amendment.

The wedding officiant cannot correct any given information which was supplied if the wedding licence had been given.

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