About Us

Norm Makine is the only authorized distributor of the diesel automotive and industrial engines section and diesel marine engines of Doosan Infracore company in Turkey since we founded. Norm machinery moved the Doosan Infracore diesel marine engines and marine generators to the top in a very short time and has set the customer satisfaction as a priority target with widespread service network and spare parts stocks.

The compact design, superior performance, low fuel consumption, and easy maintenance of Doosan Infracore diesel marine engines and diesel generators are the main features that distinguish them from other diesel marine engines and diesel marine generators.

Norm Makine offers the solutions for higher power demands including options such as 2-stroke low-speed diesel ship engines to 4-stroke medium speed diesel marine engines as project based with its wide range of products together with its partner, Doosan Engine Company.

Norm Makine meet the customers’ needs consistently and smoothly in an effective manner with the wide service network, spare parts stock and diesel marine engines which is the distributor of Doosan Infracore, D-I transmission, hydraulic groups and JMP.

We will be very happy and honored to welcome you, our customers with our extensive product portfolio from engine accessories to engines, from alternators to open or closed generators that we exhibit in our indoor 2000 m2 showroom available in our 3000 m2 headquarters with the purpose of providing better service and meet all your needs.

We are in your service at any time with our engine and generator spare parts warehouse and engine, engine accessories and marine generator warehouse available in our Central Building and Free Zone that have large stock and arranged to meet your needs.


Norm Makine A.Ş

Norm Makine A.Ş