A Day in the Life: Visiting High Schools

A Day in the Life: Visiting High Schools

Hello world! As a participant of the blog team, I am so excited to share with you numerous of my day-to-day experiences as an Assistant Director of Admission at USC. When I speak to my buddies and family members about my job, they often ask questions like ‘what do you are doing on a regular basis?’ or ‘do you have to work in the summer?’ i am hoping that through my additions that are monthly this blog, you’ll get an improved notion of what we do each and every day as admission counselors.

Therefore let’s begin with the present. This morning I woke up at the Courtyard Marriott in Vienna, VA. My visit that is first began 7:45 am. That may appear early to some, reasonable to others, but we can let you know, this at 7:45 have always been, I was exhausted (7:45 am in VA feels like 3:45 am in CA…oy. early morning) The truth is, my flight from Los Angeles was designed to get to Reagan National Airport at 3:43 pm yesterday (to be exact.) But instead, due to a wet cockpit seat (I kid you maybe not,) my flight was delayed three hours. Luckily, my first school check out today always has coffee waiting for me, and I also was particularly appreciative today (Thanks Sheila!) I visit, at this school it’s a different format which consists mostly of me answering questions although I usually give about a 30 minute presentation to students when. Thankfully the learning students came prepared. They asked great questions and I think we only stuttered a few times.

I had a while to kill before my second visit and luckily found a Peet’s Coffee on my way. I stopped for some morning meal and a coffee refill. In a world that is perfect arrive about 10 moments ahead of a visit, but frequently i am about 15 to 20 minutes early. Thankfully, my car’s air conditioning kept me cool while I ate my bagel and drank my latte. Today I happened to be also able to chat with some counselors that will be constantly a highlight of my time. University counselors are often saturated in information about students, their schools, and usually life generally speaking. Additionally reminds me personally of my high school times where We invested a complete lot of the time on my counselor’s couch.

Just How numerous coffee cups is it possible to find in this photo?

My third check out today was to a school I’ve never visited before. There were about eight students present plus one ended up being even wearing a USC t-shirt. This student, let’s call him Brandon, said about his recent stop by at campus so we had a moment to gush over how USC that is pretty is. I adore sharing common USC experiences with students, particularly when i am abroad.

Finally, between my third and fourth see this morning, I became able to grab a 6′ veggie pleasure as I drove to the following school that is high. A nice reminder of the relationships I continue to build at each school upon checking in, my picture from last year’s visit appeared in their computer.

After my fifth and visit that is final, we returned to my resort, debriefed my time in the shape of records and headed to the closest Starbucks to catch through to some work. My first instinct is always to test my email. Oh look! I obtained an email from Brandon I mentioned thanking me for my visit and asking a question about something. Love when that takes place!

I hope to fulfill many of you as I carry on my travels! If there’s whatever else you intend to know about our experiences visiting your school that is high feel liberated to leave concerns in the comment section and I will do my best to return to you quickly!

Fight In!

Mythbuster: I have to show the admission counselors that USC is my top choice

The Myth: Attending university fairs, visits and tours will increase my likelihood of admission.

The Verdict: Not at USC.

Every August that is late/early, you can find 5 or so emails in my inbox each and every morning with the subject ‘Introduction to USC.’ These emails usually have a similar general format. ‘Hello Jessica- just desired to let you know I play baseball and I can’t wait to apply to USC that I go to ABC High School. I have always desired to be described as a student in the Marshall School of company.’ Ok great, but just what am I supposed to state? Good luck along with your baseball season? Every winter, I get similar emails with the subject ‘Update.’ Students tell me personally how their first semester went, they got the lead role in the spring musical, and that USC is still their first option. Awesome, but chances are I currently saw your senior year grades (or will soon).

At USC, we do not monitor a student’s interest outside for the actual application for admission choice purposes. Attending our programs is a wonderful method to discover more about USC, but gonna an event or sending email messages like those we described will not increase your chances of admission to your college.

As admission counselors, it really is true with any help you may need that we are your main contact as you go through the admission process at USC and we are happy to assist you. However, pupils only benefit from reaching out to us if they have casinopokies777.com specific questions- especially questions to which they can not find the answer on the web. I think pupils often confuse this role and make the assumption they’ve to email us and initiate a conversation so that you can have a shot at admission.

So how will you show us which you’re interested in USC? in place of investing your time emailing us with updates, it is in your absolute best interest to make use of that point to the office on your response to the application question ‘Describe your academic interest and exactly how you want to pursue them at USC.’ You should talk about specific resources and opportunities you would like to take advantage of at USC. in place of emailing us your list of tasks, fill out the Activity Summary thoroughly. A thoughtful and carefully assembled application stands out even more than an introduction e-mail or an invitation to coffee.

Bear in mind that some educational schools may track demonstrated interest. Some colleges may expect all pupils to reach away to them, while others may expect students into the local area to check out campus. The thought of demonstrated interest differs, if it is factored into an admission decision so you should always ask a school if and how they track interest and.

At the end of the day, we do want to see that you are interested in USC and that you are seriously considering being a student here. The simplest way to help you articulate this interest is through your application.

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